So why start a personal blog? Well in these uncertain times, I think maybe I need something other than work to keep my mind occupied and possibly for my own sanity.

Even before the world became as mad as it is today, I wanted to change the way I looked at food and to get healthier. Earlier this year, I was probably the heaviest I had been in a very long time and I definitely did not want to be a statistic yet again.

I have survived breast cancer and never want to go through that again. The one way I can try and mitigate that is too live a healthier life. Which is why I chose to become a vegan and follow a whole food plant, SOS, based way of life. Although to be honest, I am probably about 98% of the way there as I am still having some added sugar in my tea.

I feel like I have been on every diet imaginable since I was in my late teens. Like lots of people, my weight has fluctuated up and down so many times, I have lost count of the number of pounds I have lost and gained. I am so tired of only thinking about the food I can’t eat. I want to focus on what I can eat, what’s healthy and if I lose weight because I am now eating better, then all of that is an added bonus.

I have done so much reading and watching YouTube since I last ate meat in March of this year and found so many inspirational people to follow.

My first one was while listening to the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio where he introduced me to the Rich Roll Podcast, which took me to Chef AJ, to High Carb Hannah, Plantiful Kiki and Dillon on Well Your World and so many others.

With all this knowledge and research, I have also found my way to the Starch Solution by Dr John McDougall recommended by so many other people and which has just made meal planning so much easier.

So this blog will be my way of trying to keep myself honest and posting photos of myself to show myself the progress through this. But not a journey as that implies there is an end, but rather an adventure.

I am eating healthier, I am exercising more and I have lost weight – so all in all, its been a fantastic start to this adventure.

Please come back and see how I am getting on.